The Power of Dreams

Speaking to 1) the power of dreams, and 2) to the power of a high-tech start-up incubator to increase the likelihood those dreams might come true, Jim Flowers, Director of VT KnowledgeWorks, urges prospective member companies to think through their businesses very carefully.

"I want to make sure," he said, "what they create is something they really want."

During the holiday season, many of us will make to-do lists and wish lists in hopes that planning and specificity will get us what we want.

The wisdom of Jim Flowers applies both professionally and personally. If I create a business that succeeds, what will my days look like? Will I be creating new products and services and helping customers, or filling out paperwork? If I create a holiday party that succeeds, what will I and my guests be doing before, during, and after? Will we be reveling in each other’s company, or focusing on the dishes and decorations? I want the former, not the latter.

Let me think this through very carefully.


  1. Love it, Anne – thanks for the reminder!

  2. Anne Clelland says:

    Thanks for your comment, Jeremy. I checked out your real estate blog. Looks like you're cutting edge:

    I also appreciated your challenge to yourself to create handwritten notes:

    I find myself writing by hand to the people most important to me. It's not quick, but it's from the heart.

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